Which car do you choose as a business driver?



When you decide to rent a business at Munsterhuis Car Rental, the next step is to choose a car that you want to rent. We are happy to help you with this decision and have therefore listed a number of models.

1. From customer to customer: Renault Kadjar

When you have a lot of customers that you need to go to, you naturally want to drive a representative car with a professional appearance. The Renault Kadjar is such a car. Due to the high comfort of the Kadjar, even long journeys are no problem at all. The Kadjar includes the latest technologies such as the Renault R-Link 2 multimedia and navigation system. With this you are always up-to-date about the traffic on your route and you will not be faced with surprises.

2. A flexible fleet for your employees: Renault Captur & Kangoo

Some companies have varying numbers of employees depending on the amount of work to be done. This also includes a flexible fleet. Do you have a company where your employees mainly need to be mobile from location to location? Then the Renault Captur will meet all your needs. This is a real city car with every comfort and convenience. If you need a fleet for executive jobs, you can also rent the Renault Kangoo, which has a spacious cargo area, but is not as big as a real delivery van.

3. Flexible work situation: Renault Clio

Do you have a flexible job where you never know exactly what your situation will be in a few months? Then the Renault Clio offers a solution. This modern car will take you everywhere in high comfort. Short or long distances, it makes no difference to the Clio. In addition, the Clio is affordable to rent, which is beneficial for both longer and shorter rental periods.

4. Temporary major jobs: Renault Master

Do you ever have large temporary jobs, such as building an exhibition stand, or transporting materials to an event? Then the Renault Master is very suitable for this! The Master has a large loading capacity and offers a lot of comfort. No job is too crazy with the Master.

5. Environmentally friendly driving

Do you want to rent for business while looking after the environment? Then we would like to introduce you to the Renault Zoë: the fully electric car from Renault. Not only is this car environmentally friendly, it is also very affordable to rent. Ideal for the smart entrepreneur who likes to watch his or her expenses and who wants to be aware of the environment.

Several models are of course suitable for your situation. Would you like advice on this? We like to help you! Please contact us

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