Rent an electric car


Thanks to new technologies, electric cars are becoming more and more environmentally friendly without compromising performance. The infrastructure in our country is also increasingly adapted to electric driving. You see charging points in more and more places. Rent an electric car at Munsterhuis Car Rental and experience the benefits of electric driving for yourself.

Why drive electric?

An electric car is a good alternative to a petrol or diesel car. Electric cars are in full development and are performing better and better. In the past, the range was often a barrier, but this is also being improved further and further. The Renault ZOEhas a range of 395 kilometers according to the WLTP and thanks to the fast charger (50 KW DC) you can drive 150 kilometers after just 30 minutes of charging!

100% electric driving experience

Do you have doubts about purchasing an electric car or are you dreading the high purchase costs? Then renting is a good choice! Experience 100% electric driving and rent an electric car at Munsterhuis Car Rental. In this way you immediately contribute to the environment.

When to choose an electric car?

When you choose an electric car, you are making an environmentally conscious choice. In addition, charging a car is cheaper than when you have to fill up with diesel or petrol. Of course, there are also some disadvantages to an electric car, for example, charging takes longer than refueling. Renting an electric car is therefore especially suitable if you:

  • Want to use the car for relatively short distances
  • Een milieubewuste keuze wilt maken
  • Not sure whether an electric car is for you. By renting one you can experience for yourself whether it is right for you

Benefits of Munsterhuis Car Rental

When you rent your electric car at Munsterhuis Car Rental, you will of course benefit from various advantages. This way you don’t have to return the car fully charged. We have a charging station ourselves, so we simply put the car on the charger for you. That way you don’t have to worry about it anymore! In addition, you do not have to purchase a charge card yourself, you can simply rent it from us! That’s how flexible we are.

Car sharing

Prefer to share an electric car? Which can! Munsterhuis works together with Fetch Car Sharing. The shared cars do not have a fixed parking space and can therefore be picked up and left anywhere within the parking zone in Twente. This way you benefit from an electric car with a lot of flexibility. Knowing more? Please contactus.

The Coronavirus: how do we deal with this?

Munsterhuis takes the risks associated with the corona virus extremely
seriously and has now implemented measures and policy
to prevent the spread of the virus as much as possible.

Read more about our measures and policies here.

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