Renault Zoë

Renault Zoë

 46,00 Per day

With the Renault ZOE, it’s easy to drive about 300 km in one go. With its large range, you don’t have to be afraid to run out of battery on the middle of the road. Still need to charge on the go? Charging points can be found everywhere in Europe. Charging the ZOE is very easy. You can do this at home, at work or simply on the street near a public charging station. Thanks to the unique Ca.m.éleon charger, the ZOE always charges using the maximum power of the charging station.

Note: this car is electric

  • Driving License B

  • 5 people

  • Including Roadside Assistance

  • Own risk

  • More than 22m33 cargo space

  • electric tailgate


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