Benefits business renting for SMEs



For many SMEs, flexibility is very important on all fronts, including when it comes to business transport. That is why it can be advantageous to rent a car for business. We briefly list a number of advantages of business car rental for you.

Always flexible

Some periods you are on the road more than other periods and sometimes you benefit more from a larger car than from your regular model. This can differ per month, but also per week or even per day. Then it is useful if your fleet can be adapted to this. When you rent a car for business, the car you rented is at your disposal during the agreed period so that you can continue your work. And do you need more or less vehicles? Then you simply rent a car or hand in one. It can be that simple.

Representative of the whole thing

You can choose to rent cars for your entire fleet. This way you always have representative cars at your disposal with which you can look good. In addition, rental cars are also very useful for temporary employees or seasonal assignments. This way you always have a flexible fleet.

Grip on costs

As an SME you want to keep a grip on costs, without losing flexibility. This can be done by renting one or more cars for business. In that case, you do not pay any maintenance costs or for car insurance. When you rent from Munsterhuis Car Rental, the rental costs are one-off or per month, depending on the rental period. This ensures that you always have a good overview of the costs.

A wide offer

Another advantage of business rental at Munsterhuis Car Rental is our wide range of Renault models, both passenger cars and commercial vehicles. This way you always have the right car for your job that also represents your company well. Our models also have many comfort-enhancing options such as air conditioning, hands-free calling, ALL-Season tires and an advanced navigation system from the Renault Clio.

Want to know more about the possibilities?

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